Misadventures of a collector

Not everything turns out as it should. Lately, this thought often occurs in my head, due to misunderstandings, and vicissitudes that always ruin that little planning I do in my life.
Sometimes it happens that, while spending twice as much as a standard shipping, one of the most reputable carriers in the world delivers a parcel under more than “bad conditions”.
That kind of package, regardless of the carrier, is always opened with some anxiety, Fearing the worst.

So far I've always gone well, but this time it has happened, against a payment of over 40 euro, DHL delivered a package (actually done very badly) a bit’ dented, as already happened in the past.

This time, optimism induced by the many fears always proved unfounded, I opened the package without the usual anxiety.
Just this time, instead, Ironically, I'd have done right to worry. 🙂

By ebay, I won an auction including the beautiful Dreamcast I wrote about on these pages, two joypads, a VMU and a full keyboard in bright conditions, even still in original box.

I thought I had won a nice treat, an object in almost mint conditions, and instead the carrier has wiped out certainties and expectations. I contacted the vendor, a very helpful Englishman, to whom I sent pictures of the damage, since it has been proposed to claim for a refund.

Sure, regaining possession of 40 euro wouldn't just suck, but my beautiful keyboard is compromised forever.
These are minor inconveniences incurred by the collector, but I do not give up, and I'm already waiting for another shipment from another vendor, to whom I asked a lot more attention when packing the goods.
I cross my fingers, and continue to give attention to the beautiful console that I can't wait to plug this beautiful keyboard in.


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