Amiga 2000 and dead battery

When I was a kid (I was about 17 years) I used to save money for a whole year, with the only purpose to buy an Amiga 2000. I remember with a nostalgic smile on the inner conflict I faced when I gathered enough to buy an Amiga 500, much cheaper and suitable to my age and my budget. 🙂

My sacrifices were rewarded, since I got one of the most beautiful, expandable personal computers ever made until then. Over the years I have purchased an expansion card from GVP, containing a SCSI controller, an hard disk and two megabytes of additional RAM, both mounted on the card itself.
Just before I placed inside a small circuit board that replaced the Kickstart ROM, on which to mount two separate ROM and equipping two different versions of the Amiga Kickstart.
For non-Amigans, Kickstart was a set of routines and system libraries, that made the connection between the hardware and software. The operating environment, named Workbench, did nothing but call the routines in the Kickstart to present you the marvelous multitasking desktop that has made the Amiga.

I treated this machine carefully, with manic attention. After 20 years, the external case is still perfect, without even a scratch. The keyboard was always protected from light, to the point that shows no yellowing, as well as the mouse.

Unfortunately, a silent evil was smoldering inside. 😀
The battery, used to support the system clock in the absence of power supply, if not at least periodically recharged, degrades to the point of swelling, unfold and lose the acid contained in it.
This acid, that rather than harmful to humans, is highly corrosive to the printed circuit.
Having left my First Love (so I called my Amiga 2000) in the garage, unused for more than 20 years, I have not provided the charge to the battery, which is surely dead, spreading its lethal contents around.

The good fortune would have it, the orientation of the box on the shelf, did so that the acid flowed towards the outside edge of the motherboard, limiting damage to a not very large area.
My First Love works as usual, as well as the hard disk, the ram, the double kickstart.
I was really lucky.

I opened the case, removing the motherboard, unsoldered the killer battery, cleaned all surfaces attacked by acid, and I am going to make a small modification, then connect a common coin battery, suitably protected by a diode, to prevent it being recharged and explode. 😛

After the scare for the probable loss, I discovered that the fire of certain passions never goes out, and that I really want to keep my Amiga on the desk for some time, how it was many years ago, until there is to do some restoration work on other machines on my increasingly large collection.


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