Once upon a time the TV. When I was born it was in black and white, and had only 2 channels to choose from. The channels are gradually increased and, with them, advertising; but that's another story.

When the TV was still in black and white, during the 70s, the home entertainment phenomenon begun. In fact, some weird machineries, with knobs, levers and a wide range of games (all similar to each other), began to spread among many families.

Games were rudimentary, with the common denominator of a square ball and two or more rackets, strictly rectangular. The imagination of the players could create the illusion that – depending on where the game selector dial was – you were dealing with a game of tennis, soccer, rugby, etc.. etc.…

Today's photorealism with millions of colors, full motion video, high definition; the force feedback who shakes hands when you shoot or you are hit; controllers are colorful and full of buttons, the wire is gone, or even the controller; players are connected to the internet and play in environments full of details, along with dozens of other people, communicating in real-time voice.

There is a point of contact between the end of the black and white with the square ball era and the hi-tech scenario that is under our eyes at this moment in history.
This point of contact is represented by the technological revolution that me, and those of my age (it sounds so 'old-fart' what I wrote :)), have had the privilege of living and witnessing.
I am referring to the computers and video games boom, happened in the '80s, first in the games room, then through marvelous machines to be connected to home TV (in the meantime become coloured).

This trend – that I lived more as a cultural movement, rather than as a consumer frenzy – has known moments of crisis, passed between 1983 and 1986, who have seen many important companies implode, forced to merge into larger organizations and solid.
A case of all: that of Sinclair, burdened with debts due to the QL flop, and forced to sell out to Amstrad.
Many of the items produced in that era are still circulating, kept alive, collected and pampered by enthusiasts like me. 🙂

The one who writes this blog (i.e. me) owned some of the tech miracles that have shaped this wonderful time; he could test many more of them, thanks to some friends, who owned this and that computer or console.

In the wake of those indelible and exciting memories, perhaps because they are linked to my childhood, and much of adolescence, I decided to collect all the computers and consoles appeared in the '80s and early '90s.
This blog is born from the desire to share this interest with the many fans around the net and (why not?) also to let to know the origins of personal computing and home entertainment to those who have had the “bad luck” to born after 1990. 😛

I'll tell you about pearls – more or less rare – of my humble collection, both sentimental and technical extents. 🙂

Welcome to my blog, and good reading.