Sharp MZ-700

Found originally on ebay at a little’ too high price tag but – after contacting the seller when auction expired – I could get an agreement on a more reasonable price (although not negligible, however) aligned to technical and sentimental quality and the overall conservation status of the object, adding this wonderful Sharp MZ-700 to my collection.
Sure, it is risky to treat a purchase outside of the protections of ebay and Paypal, with a complete stranger who could grab the loot and disappear in the depths of the Net, but the experience and intuition in these cases, help a lot. However, I must say that, in the context of the retrocomputing fans , there is a sense of belonging and fairness that everybody shares’ , usually. At least I have not had any unpleasant surprises so far. 🙂
Returning to the subject of this entry, we speak about an original personal computer, produced by the creative and unconventional Sharp, who never hesitated to propose technical and aesthetic solutions in total autonomy, earning the esteem and respect of professional and home computing enthusiasts, and contributing to the evolution of personal computing. Continue Reading