Casio PB-770

In the first half of the glorious 80s, some manufacturers, mainly the Japanese Casio and Sharp, battled for dominance of one of the most creative segment of personal computing: the pocket computers one, made of hybrid machines, halfway between a scientific calculator and a laptop.


Casio PB-770

Recently, I used to peek on ebay ads, and I came across a specimen declared as not working of the Casio PB-770, with its original leatherette case , bought at just 14 euro. If it were not for shipping fees…

The Jewel seemed to have a memory problem because, although having no program stored in its 10 slots, it returned an error code related to a memory shortage.
I feared the worst, since the ram chips installed in these vintage machines are no longer easily available. As a first step, I opened with much patience the case of the Casio PB -770 and I did a quick inspection. Continue Reading