Lifting and Amiga 2000

I recently picked up my First Love, namely the Amiga 2000 purchased in 1990, that kept me in love until the inevitable and painful transition to a Windows system.
I found the pleasure of moving in the Workbench, rediscovered the little chores of graphics made with Deluxe Paint IV, Protracker songs, Imagine 3D graphics made with 2.0 version and programming experiments with C and AMOS basic, placed with logical rigor (oh, the modesty) , organized in folders with a criteria that I still have today. 🙂

As long time ago, while using multiple programs simultaneously, I felt the need for greater amounts of RAM and, why not, a bigger hard disk too.
When the Amiga was ahead of the curve, the cost of memory and disks were basically prohibitive, and I have always dismissed the idea with some’ of regret. Today you can find some of those materials costs laughable, and I said it was time to give a nice facelift to my First Love! 😀 Continue Reading


Amiga 2000 and dead battery

When I was a kid (I was about 17 years) I used to save money for a whole year, with the only purpose to buy an Amiga 2000. I remember with a nostalgic smile on the inner conflict I faced when I gathered enough to buy an Amiga 500, much cheaper and suitable to my age and my budget. 🙂

My sacrifices were rewarded, since I got one of the most beautiful, expandable personal computers ever made until then. Over the years I have purchased an expansion card from GVP, containing a SCSI controller, an hard disk and two megabytes of additional RAM, both mounted on the card itself.
Just before I placed inside a small circuit board that replaced the Kickstart ROM, on which to mount two separate ROM and equipping two different versions of the Amiga Kickstart.
For non-Amigans, Kickstart was a set of routines and system libraries, that made the connection between the hardware and software. The operating environment, named Workbench, did nothing but call the routines in the Kickstart to present you the marvelous multitasking desktop that has made the Amiga. Continue Reading