Dear spammers

Dear, Dear spammers, I dedicate this entry to tell you something important, closely related to your business (?!?). 🙂
Any comments on this blog are personally inspected by myself .
There is no way to cheat through "normal" comments ( “fair ones” ) in order to have the WordPress grants: I disabled this functionality. 😉

Repeat: each message or comment, is subject to my manual approval.
Abandon all hope ye who enter here, as the great poet said. 🙂

Regarding the update of this blog, I still have so much material to be treated, and lots of machines to talk about.
Unfortunately I'm physically away from my house, and from my collection. I can not take photos or having physical access to those adorable pieces of ancient technology.
I know that someone comes periodically back to ping this Blog, in hopes of finding new entries.
I beg your patience, I'm waiting my internet provider achieves to transfer my dsl line to my new apartment, because the office does not seem the right place in which to cure my blog.
Although it has no profit purposes, it is not fair to use company instruments for my personal enjoyment.

Stay tuned. The best is yet to come. 🙂