Sord M5

During the golden age of home computing, namely, the first half of the '80s, I've never read anything about a Japanese manufacturer called Sord, nor was I aware of the great machines, mainly aimed at the professional market, It has produced so far. I did not even know they made an attempt to expand their consumer segment, already almost exclusive domain of Commodore 64 and Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
This attempt to expand their market was realized through an object of exquisite shape, both aesthetic and engineering sides, with technical contents that there were shortly to become the MSX standard: the M5 model.

Just because of the contents, rather sophisticated for its time, the producer was unable to keep down the price tag of its M5, decreeing a de facto commercial exclusion that was never overcome. In fact, the spread of this computer is mainly due to the initiative of a few enterprising distributors, who imported directly from Japan.
In some cases, the distributor was granted permission to market the M5 model with its own brand; is the case of the CGL (Computer Games Limited), who covered the M5 diffusion in the UK.
However, the maximum diffusion of Sord M5, although very marginal for the time, occurred in Japan and Czechoslovakia. Continue Reading